About Sara

Hi, I’m Sara. Welcome to my blog!

After growing up in San Francisco, I moved to Nashville for college and studied journalism and songwriting. I have been known for being too obsessed with pasta, shoes, Parks and Rec and Bruce Springsteen.

I was first diagnosed with ADD and some learning disabilities in the fifth grade. So at age 10, I inadvertently became my friends’ go-to-gal for all things mental health, because I wasn’t afraid to talk honestly about it all. I even earned the nickname the “sara-pist” for acting as the designated playground therapist.

In high school, I encountered depression and anxiety for the first time and have since tried every kind of treatment imaginable — medication, therapy, exercise, essential oils, dietary changes and more. Then after my sophomore year of college, I found some clarity with the diagnosis of a mood disorder.

Since then I made a lot of mistakes but I’ve learned how to use my “disabilities” to my advantage. So I created Sara Simply to share some of what I have learned with all of you.

Thanks for coming by — I’m glad you’re here.