ADD And The Curse of Forgetfulness

Well friends, I am here today to share a very embarrassing story from yesterday that those of you with ADD may relate to. I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog this week because unfortunately, my computer crashed. So I made an appointment at the Apple store to have it looked at. But when I got to the store, I reached into my bag to discover I had completely forgotten the computer. Not my finest moment.

Lot’s of people forget things from time to time. But those of us with ADD tend to be way more prone to forgetfulness by nature. A learning specialist once described this to me by saying our memory is like a bucket, and sometimes people with ADD have a few more holes in the bottom for things to fall through.

It can be easy for those of us with ADD to feel stupid in moments like mine at the Apple store. And I know that being forgetful certainly hurt my confidence growing up and throughout high school, especially when people got angry or shamed me for it. But we need to remember that we aren’t forgetful because we are dumb, we are just wired a little differently.

If you have ADD, cut yourself a little slack when you find yourself thinking, “wow that was an airhead move.” Forgetfulness is just part of the package and that’s okay.

If you know someone with ADD, please give them grace when they forget where their keys are or lock themselves out of their car or forget an important email or forget to blow out a candle (yes, I can admit to all of these things and more.) Our brains are preoccupied with so many things that sometimes little details slip through. But it’s not worth getting mad about because you can’t change us. And because we are so creative, maybe the reason we forget the little things is because we are distracted by crafting something truly genius in our busy minds.

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