3 Tricks to Surviving a Long Class

It’s 3:30 p.m. and, just half an hour into class, I’m already shuffling around in my seat. Knowing that I will be stuck here for two and a half more hours is torture.

It seems like every year, I end up stuck in one class that really challenges my ability to focus – a once a week course that lasts for three hours.

I’ve had to take several once a week classes throughout my time in college and each one has truly pushed my ADHD to its limits. Even for those without ADHD, sitting and trying to focus for such a long period of time seems unreasonable.

So here are a few ways I manage to survive each week.

  1. Try to come prepared so you can be engaged.

I’m willing to admit that sometimes I don’t do the reading for all my classes. And unfortunately for my professors, I know I’m not alone (sorry!). But I’ve found that if I can’t engage with the discussion in these long classes, it becomes infinitely more unbearable. Getting involved in the class can help combat distraction and restlessness, so be sure to come prepared.

2. Get up

It sounds (and looks) a little ridiculous, but I have left class to go to the bathroom and done jumping jacks in the hall to get some of my extra energy out many times. Even if it’s just for a minute, get up to stretch, bounce around and reset for the rest of the class.

3. Get a good fidget

Occupying your hands while you listen will help dispel some of that extra energy too. Check out my fidgeting post for suggestions.

If you feel comfortable, I also recommend discussing your ADHD with your professor and explaining to them that your distraction or restlessness is not a reflection of the class.

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