3 Tips To Make Yourself Take A Walk (When You Really Don’t Want To)

For a long time I have insisted on avoiding exercise. It’s just a part of my personality – I’m bad at sports, I hate to sweat and, like many other ADHD young adults, have a pretty hard time forcing myself to do something I really don’t want to do.

But as I have increasingly struggled with my mental health over the last few weeks, I’ve heard the same advice over and over – “you need to go for a walk or run.”

I know that may sound extremely simple. But for the ADHD brain, it can be really tough — which is actually the same reason it’s so important for us. Walking every day helps with every aspect of physical and mental health – decreasing anxiety, increasing focus, and much more.

So here are 3 tips:

Calendar time to walk.

One of my frequent excuses is that I don’t have time to waste on something like walking. I have too many things to get done or too many places to be. So I have to be diligent about scheduling out time and considering it as important as any other meeting or assignment during my day. Because honestly, it really is. If I include it in my calendar, it’s easier to remind myself that taking that time will help me be more efficient at all the other things I need to do.

Start your day in your comfortable shoes

Another excuse I find myself using is that I am not wearing the right shoes or need to change my outfit to go for a walk, which quickly kills my motivation. So wear an outfit from the get-go that you can walk in. It’s pretty simple — you certainly don’t need to wear clunky sneakers to work – but don’t let this be an excuse.

Have someone hold you accountable

If all else fails, this could be the most helpful strategy to get you moving. Sometimes your resolve breaks and that’s okay. So it’s important to get someone to kick your ass a little if it does. Share your calendar with a friend or roommate and ask them to follow up at that time to make sure you follow through. It can feel like a burden, but once you build a habit you should be able to do it on your own.

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